Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Turn Your Rusty Junk Into eBay Gold

Often times people to stop to realize the income potential of their "junk". And, when they DO decide it might be worth selling, they never give eBay a second thought.

As I preach over and over again to my customers, don't ever think that you have something that nobody else would want, unless you've really taken the time to do a little eBay research.

I've sold my wife's old tea pots, bowls, AOL CD's, books, etc. that we no longer had a use for. And, it usually brings a lot more cash to the table than a yard sale or flea market sale would.

Most items in good condition will bring a pretty fair price on eBay if you take just a bit of time to locate the correct category for that item.

Then again, there are times when you may have something that really doesn'tlook all that great. What should you do then?

Well, depending upon what it is, you may want to sell it "as is."

Case in point is a lamp I'm getting ready to auction off. (My wife brought it home to me the other day.)

It's obvious that this lamp is old. It doesn't work (that I know of,) and it has a bit of tarnish on it. But, I'm NOT going to try and "spruce it up" before I put it up for auction.

Now I don't know squat about lamps. But I DO KNOW, that this particular lamp was made in the early 70's. About 1972 I think, and the WORST thing I could do is try to "clean" it to make it more presentable.

I'll dust it off, and take a couple of pictures, but it will be sold "as is."

Why? Because someone that DOES know about lamps, will exactly how to clean this particular item up in the CORRECT manner, so as not to damage it.

They will know it needs work, and they will know what, and how to bring it back to the condition it should be in.

One of the "biggies" these days is the "country" look in home decor.

So, look around. See what you might have stashed away in the corner of your garage, in your attic, etc. Don't want it any more? Just drag it out, dust it off, and sell it on eBay.

Someone is sure to be looking for just the item you no longer want.

About The Author

Pete Egeler is the author of "Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits," and a twice-monthly newsletter entitled "DDNews." You can check out either of these by visiting his web site at: http://shmyl.com/ciaa You can also email Pete at: pegeler@glorymountain.com for more information.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Something new in e-commerce: the Echo System Build

How four partners build and manage an exclusive art posters web site by emulating the way the echo works.

Imagine a top-notch photographer, some demanding visitors and an e-commerce site that wants to make money. But not at any price and in any conditions, within a policy of exclusivity and selectivity.

You have got three quarters of our "Echosystem Build":

1. The top-notch photographer submits an outstanding photo to the web site whose committee of selection decides to select or not select - ring a bell ? - it.

2. The selected photo is voted or not voted by the demanding visitors.

3. The elected photo is put into a catalog that is strictly limited to 64 items.

To cap that, the number of photographic digital enlargements is strictly limited following the estimated World Population, which gives us the forth quarter of our "Echosystem Build".

Such an e-commerce does exist, it is called www.oneppm.com:
Each and every photo is edited once and never again and delivered with a numbered authentication certificate. The catalog applies the well known "one-new-goes-in-one-old-goes-out" rule.

Only one person per million - sometimes even one person per ten millions - can buy and possess a poster that exist nowhere else for the price of non exclusive and non limited quality editions.

As for the photograph and the publisher "success rules".

A policy of quality, exclusivity and selectivity in the photo posters market with a golden rule of strictly limited number of subjects submitted by top-notch photographers, voted by demanding visitors and edited in strictly limited number following the World Population plus a royalties system to pay the main performers are the guide lines for this new web site called www.oneppm.com for "One Person Per Million".

Daniel Borel is a marketing and communication man. He has been studying these fields since 1964 as manager of Atelier Synerg้tique SA, a Swiss Proficiencies Network which is oriented toward industry, high-tech and B2B services on export markets. That makes him acutely aware of a hard to manage happening: simply tell a Canadian and a Polynesian the word "tree", compare what they visualize and you understand what marketing communication implies.
Married, father of three and for the time being! grandfather of one, a fan of the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute his profession is his vocation, his hobby, well? even his obsession according to his wife. Let us be objective, he regularly strolls. Thus helping him to cogitate more clearly some complex marketing communication point.

E-Commerce Is Back On The Fast TrackE-Commerce Is Back On The Fast Track

How much holiday shopping did you do on-line this year? If you are reading this, then chances are good that you made at least one purchase on-line. Over 54% of all Americans did it [1]. A much higher percentage (>80%) of Internet users did it.

Not only did you do it, you liked it! Less than 7% of on-line shoppers reported a bad experience with 88% reporting they were satisfied or very satisfied [2]. It is clear that on-line shopping has come of age with such a high level of participation and satisfaction. It appears that past issues of trust, security, and bad ecommerce websites are replaced with good ecommerce sites, higher trust, better security, and just plain better execution and service by on-line retailers. Quick, easy, and convenient shopping overcomes the concerns people have had in the past.

With a whopping 35% increase in on-line holiday sales this year, up to $18 billion [3], one analyst calls it "a fantastic season for on-line retailers." [4] This is the third straight season of record growth for on-line shopping. This year, 2004, is expected to follow the trend. US on-line sales are expected to grow from $55 billion in 2003 to $73 billion in 2004 [5].

In searching for some bad news, it was hard to find. The worst news was that 3.6% of on-line shoppers had a very bad experience where either the merchandise was not delivered on time or was delivered in poor condition. This is a small fraction even compared to traditional retail sales.

Can the news and trends about ecommerce retailing really be that good? The answer seems to be a resounding YES! Some of the more popular on-line markets have double digit penetration now. That means some on-line retailers are reaping over 10% of total market share in their industries with a rising trend. In addition, more on-line retailers are showing profits. In 2002, about 50% of on-line retailers showed a profit from their on-line operations while 70% did in 2003 [5].

So, if you are one of those 70% of on-line retailers making profits in 2003, sit back, breathe a big sigh of relief, and relish the moment. There won't be much time to relax and enjoy your successes. New business is right around the corner.

If you are a business and don't yet have an on-line sales presense, then it's never too early to get started. To get ready for the 2004 holiday season, it's best to start now.

Create ecommerce plan - 4/15/04

Select ecommerce software & consultant (NetSource can help) - 5/15/04

Build the website - 7/15/04

Put the website into operation, start selling- 8/15/04

Create on-line marketing plan - 8/15/04

Execute the marketing plan - 9/15/04

Ready for holiday sales - 11/15/04

It can be done quicker than the schedule suggested above, but, to do it right requires thought, planning, and time.


[1] Nashville Business Journal, 12/4/03

[2] ASD/AMD Marketwatch E-Newsletter, 12/24/03

[3] eSpending Report, Goldman Sachs, Harris Interactive, Nielsen/Netratings, 1/5/04

[4] Abha Bhagat, Nielsen/NetRating, COMPUTERWORLD, 1/6/04

[5] ASD/AMD MarketWatch E-Newsletter, 10/16/03

About The Author

Craig Neidel has worked for NetSource Communications Inc. for 6 years and has experience in web development, e-commerce solutions and web marketing. NetSource Communications creates custom e-commerce solutions and web applications. http://www.ntsource.com.

The Rise of Multinational Virtual Corporations

The virtual corporation is the emerging organisational form, which best combines, a fluid ability to adapt to rapidly changing markets and is able to leverage its skills with the complementary skills of other corporations.

In the concept's purest form, each company that links up with others to create a virtual corporation will be stripped to its essence. It will contribute only what it regards as its core competencies. It will mix and match what it does best with the best of other companies and entrepreneurs

Key attributes of the Virtual Corporations: Technology, Opportunism, Excellence, Trust, No Border

If these Virtual Corporations are to function globally then they need to be in a position to utilise global communication networks. These networks may be conventional; telephone or international travel, but added value will be yielded from the use of international computer networks. This is an argument for the use of open systems, even internally, in order that such global teams may come together rapidly and largely invisibly.

Underlying Reasons for the Rise of Virtual Corporations

The globalisation of business

People in remote nations will be able to participate in worldwide projects to add value locally without uprooting themselves and their families. Information technology also can make the organisation chart irrelevant. But the real goal of information technology for businesses is faster response times. To bring new products to market quickly and to satisfy changing customer needs, you have to work on many pieces of a complex project in parallel. Information technology makes that possible. It creates competitive advantage in a dynamic global marketplace.

Some critics claim that the national state ability to control its own destiny is being limited by shifting away the economic power from national governments and toward supranational organisation such as World Trade Organisation, the European Union, and the United Nations.


In the knowledge-based economy of the 1990s it is people and their knowledge/expertise, which are the scarcest resources in the information economy so you move work to where the people are. Virtual corporation practices are better suited to take advantage of this than more traditional, fixed corporations

Cost of offices in cities

In cities such as London, New York and Tokyo, the costs of large building are a significant portion of firms operating costs. The resulting pressure on a firm to cut costs often involves rethinking a company's location.

The lowering of trade barriers made globalisatuion of markets and production a theoretical posibility, and technological change has made it a tangible reality. Since the end of World War 2, the world has sseen major advances in communications, information processes, and tranportation technology including, most recently, the explosive emergence of the Internet and World Wide Web.

The Internet and the WWW promise to develop into the information backbone of tommorrow's global economy. From virtualy nothing in 1994, the value of the Web - based transactions hit $7.5 billion in 1997. According to a recent report isssued by the United States Department of Commerce, this figure could reach $300 billion in the United States alone by the year 2003.

Every day, more people connect online and grow comfortable with digital transactions. More companies are building relationships with new and existing customers through the Internet, as well as lowering transaction costs for corporate purchasing or their supply chain6.

Every company can use the Internet to build stronger, more eefective relationships with customers and business partners.

E - commerce and Globalisation

E-commerce has the potential to transcend national boundaries and time zones. It has the potential to create genuinely global market - one in which companies will be exposed to the full glare of competition. Given the general recognition of the roe of electronic commerce in overcoming national, geographical and temporal boundaries to trade, it is now clear that companies that wish to be at the forefront of global competition in their particular markets cannot afford to ignore electronic commerce any longer.

In a world which is increasingly competitive and where organisations are required to undertake greater levels of risk in order to compete, those companies that fail to act now may find they have left it too late as ellectronic commerce has become a dominant way of doing business in their sector. By contrast, companies that by embracing electronic commerce now, they will reinforce their market position.

Aurel Voiculescu MBA http://www.aurelvoiculescu.com
Electronic commerce research as part of my MBA dissertation: http://www.aurelvoiculescu.com/mba/transmanag.htm
Analysis includes consideration of theories of international trade, corporate globalisation strategies, the impact of electronic commerce (Internet, EDI) and the political factors, which have an impact on the ways in which companies conduct international business.

Top Ten Qualities to Look for in an Online Pharmacy

As you may have noted, there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites selling pharmaceutical products or drugs. These are called ONLINE PHARMACIES or PHARMACIES ONLINE.

Can they be trusted? Are they safe?

Yes, in many cases but only if you are careful and exercise your due diligence: this is all the more necessary since the consequences of cheating with pharmaceutical products can be much more serious than, for example, being conned into buying a useless fiction ebook or piece of sofware.

It can even be literally a matter of life and death.

So, here are the top 10 qualities to look for in an online pharmacy.

Go through the list carefully, use it as a filter for all the online pharmacies you come across, and you'll be covered!

1. ADEQUATE PRODUCT INFORMATION: It should be absolutely honest, say what the product does, what it does not do, side effects, incompatibilities, even... possible after-effects etc..

2. QUALITY: FDA-approved prescription drugs. Storage, Processing, Shipping must be under full compliance with US and FDA Regulations

3/4. SAFETY, SECURITY: If possible it should be accredited by bodies such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) - "one of the most stringent and respected accrediting organizations dedicated to continuously improving the safety and quality of care provided to the public".

5. EASE OF USE: Easy ordering process, Fast delivery (Fast FedEx Delivery options, if available), Clear and Easy-to-undertstand Instructions for use.

6. DISCRETION: Discreet packaging - is it really necessary for your closest neighbor to know what was in that nice package you received yesterday :-).

7. PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: Free consultation online: Like many people, you probably find the anonymity of an online medical consultation rather more pleasant than what could be an embarrassing conversation with your personal physician and his/her office staff.

You complete an online medical questionnaire which is thoroughly reviewed by a licensed physician, and if found suitable for treatment, the prescription will be dispensed and shipped by a licensed pharmacy.

If the consulting physician has any questions or concerns regarding your medical history or needs more information, he or she should contact you by email or by phone.

8. PRICE: Discounted, as much as possible, provided low prices does not mean low quality!

9. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, if you do not live in the US. This should not be overlooked: Some online pharmacies only sell to customers in the US and Canada. And in some cases, they only tell you AFTER you've gone through almost the whole of the ordering process. This can be quite frustrating.

10. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, including a toll free number for US residents and another number for international customers.

To be on the safe (and pleasant) side, always look for these top 10 qualities in an online pharmacy.

About The Author

A.M.Sall, Publisher/Editor


Drawing from his 30-year experience as a translator, teacher, traveler, musician, writer, genuine multicultural awareness plus worldwide ancient spiritual traditions, A.M.Sall helps people "turn all their living days into quality time" through his free self-development community. Sign up NOW for lifelong membership. Get a rare welcome gift. mailto:hbw@sendfree.com?subject=sdc