Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Benefits of VoIP

In basic terms, it can lower the phone bills, deliver a wider range of unique services and improve employee productivity.

But while cost savings are keys, enhanced functionality and mobility are also huge factors in VoIP’s growing appeal. VoIP simply does things that are extremely expensive, or even impossible, with traditional phone networks. For example, many users enjoy the convenience of having their voicemail system notify them by text-message or e-mail whenever a new message arrives.

Best of all, most VoIP providers offer flat-priced bundles for both high-speed data and voice. One fixed monthly cost provides a fast, reliable Internet connection, as well as unlimited local and long-distance calling. While the initial investment in specialized VoIP equipment could involve significant up-front cost, that equipment generally pays for itself by reducing voice and data service costs and eliminating long-distance calling costs, within the first 12-18 months or even sooner.

Cost Savings

· Calls can be made between multiple offices for free using inexpensive equipment and an existing Internet connection

· Unlimited voicemail boxes

· No need for separate cabling since both data and voice are sent over the same network


· Users can take their phone to another office or anywhere around the world and still receive calls at the normal number with any standard Internet connection


· Easily integrates with contact list in contact databases, including Microsoft Outlook. Simply click on a contact and the phone will start dialing.

· Incoming calls can automatically activate pertinent information for that caller, which can enhance customer service

* Users can check and configure voicemail through an Internet web portal

“The Internet has forever changed the way that we view images and receive information, now it’s transforming the way we talk to one another. It’s an amazing technology that has wide ranging implications for today’s cost- and customer-conscious businesses,” states Jason.

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