Monday, September 22, 2008

Basics of search engine optimization

To get top result in search engine, there is no shortcut. We need to do hard work, especially for the content of the site. Even if our site is technically perfect for search engine robots, it won’t be effective if we don’t fill the site with interesting contents. Good content can bring return visitors. And we need to add new content regularly, which can give visitors a reason to come back. And we should take care of our keywords to be spelled with standard spelling. And we need to make our page titles are descriptive and relevant. That will be easier for search engines to know what each page is about, and people using search engines can quickly determine whether the document contains what they find. And we should not use graphics for headings because search engines don’t pay too much attention to them. Some search engine robots have diffculties with dynamatically generated URLs. So, we need to use search engine friendly URLs. We need to generate static pages from the dynamic data and store them in the file system, linking to them using simple URLs. And we need to try to get incoming links as much as possible to get top ranking. And we should use valid, semantic, lean, and accessible markup. It’ll make our site faster and more attractive to search engines. And we should to submit our website to some well-known directories and search engines carefully. Don’t use cloaking, link farms, keyword stuffing, or other dubious methods. Otherwise, there is a risk being penalised or even banned from search engines. And we should avoid using frames. Frames will cause problems for the people who find the site via search engines. Some search engines use the contents of the meta description element to describe the site in their search result listings, so we need to make its contents unique and descriptive for every document.

These are just basic tips for search engine optimization. To increase a website’s ranking in search engines,there are many other things we can do. The advices mentioned above are just for a good start.

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Basics of search engine optimisation

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