Saturday, September 20, 2008

RSS and Atom

RSS is a type of XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. It used for updating the content and show it on that web pages which show only the title. When users click on the link, it will show the description of the content from the original which title of news can updated according to the original. When you want to take the content tot show it will show 3 parts are content provider, web designer and users. The Strong point of RSS is all users don’t need to all web sites to check for updating. All of web sites have different in how often to update. RSS will help users to update those contents without entering those web sites. In the present RSS is well-known in international web sites such as google, Yahoo!, CNet and organization web sites which need to have distribution content, they will provide RSS services. You can see the sign on those web sites.

Atom is similar with RSS. It was created by developers who didn’t appreciate with RSS. Atom format is stable in February 2004 in version 0.3. Difference point between RSS an Atom is Atom is more complex than RSS. It can take more complex information, and it is consistent across the syndication, storage and editing of information.

RSS and Atom is tools that can help all party who surf internet that need to update information or content constantly. Web developers can update those contents without updated their web site frequently which they need to update it every times they need to update new content. RSS and Atom can reduce the copying content in web site focusing on violating copyright. RSS and Atom will link that content automatically to their web sites.



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