Monday, September 22, 2008


SEM [Search Engine Marketing] & PPC [Pay Per Click] Advertising

It is truth for the phone directory publishers might not tell you that the phone book is dead now and we can’t remember the last time we used a phone book for anything other than call for a fire or electricity to come and fix the electricity. So if consumer recall for traditional advertising, they no longer call or visit the business. Today consumer prefers to go online for anything like searching information, play game, play e-mail, or even chatting with other people and so on. And if traditional media such as phone books aren’t working so one of the most important and cost effective ways is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a Web site in search engine results pages (SERPs). Or we can say that it’s all the stuff you do to get to the top of search engines where people will see you. SEM was not easy to conquer; it’s a complex process that has lots of complexities; however, conquering two main categories (or paying a professional to handle it) will get you started:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of Search Engine Marketing related to tweaking web pages and the links into the site, in order to boost the rankings on organic (unpaid) search results. Much of this is done as the Web site is being built in copy, page titles and meta tags.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a method to quickly drive targeted visitors to a website. It involves purchasing keywords and phrases that people use when searching online for your product or service so that you come up at the top and to the right of unpaid search listings. The important things is which keyword or keyphrases
are going to get you the best results for the money you’re willing to spend.

So next time you’re preparing your yearly marketing budget, ask yourself whether you’re taking advantage of this crucial new medium that’s helping customers find exactly what they’re seeking. If not, perhaps you should consider dumping some of those print ads and phone book listings and writing SEM into your plan. Get on the bus now, before your competitors beat you to it.

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